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The Emerging Engineer

January 11, 2014

If there is one place where you might expect leadership techniques to be researched and practiced like a science, it would likely be the United States Army. The Generals, by Tom Ricks, reviews the leadership…Read More >>


January 10, 2014

This is the first profile in a series to introduce ASCE’s New Faces of Civil Engineering 2014. Designers of the next bridge, skyscraper, or wastewater treatment plant, they are the leaders of tomorrow. Today, read about Eset…Read More >>


January 6, 2014

Once again, ASCE achieved a significant milestone in its program to advance the principles of sustainable development when our headquarters building in Reston, Virginia, recently received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2013 Energy Star. The…Read More >>


Before becoming Director of Program Management with the Port of Long Beach’s Program Management Division, Douglas J. Sereno, P.E., ENV-SP, M.ASCE, worked over 15 years as a mechanic. Photo credit: Douglas J. Sereno
December 20, 2013

In 1975, when the Ford tractor dealership in Southern California needed a master mechanic to maintain and repair its  fleet of backhoe loaders, skip loaders, Bobcats, trenchers, or Caterpillars, they hired a young man who…Read More >>

Promote the Profession

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December 16, 2013

Ahh, it’s  time for our end-of-year celebrations. Time for all of our favorite traditions, like family recipes,  egg nog, holiday lights, traveling to see family, gift giving, reflection over the last year, and so on.  Spending…Read More >>


December 6, 2013

Read ASCE Executive Director Pat Natale’s latest ASCE: Working for You column so you can find out how to be part of history by attending the Society’s annual conference next year in Panama, consider making a…Read More >>

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