Kristina Swallow officially steps into her 2018 ASCE presidency during the ASCE 2017 Convention in New  Orleans, LA. PHOTO: Jason Dixson Photography
October 10, 2017

Kristina Swallow’s ASCE presidency began with a selfie. And why not? This is a president who is as plugged into social media and the modern ways ASCE members – young and old alike – communicate…Read More >>

ASCE Executive Director Tom Smith
October 10, 2017

Over the past several weeks we’ve witnessed how hurricanes with their destructive winds and devastating floods have left thousands homeless and without power and water in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. And an earthquake, one…Read More >>

ASCE Norma Jean Mattei welcomes attendees to the ASCE 2017 Convention in her hometown of New Orleans. PHOTO: Jason Dixson Photography
October 9, 2017

For 2017 Society President Norma Jean Mattei, it’s like inviting all her friends to a big civil engineering party at her home. The ASCE 2017 Convention kicked off Monday morning in New Orleans – hometown…Read More >>

Fellow Shield WEB FEAT
October 6, 2017

ASCE members elected to Fellow status have made celebrated contributions and developed creative solutions that have enhanced lives. Just 3 percent of Society members hold this prestigious honor. The most recent members elevated to Fellow…Read More >>

Kristina Swallow PHOTO:  James Kegley Photography
October 5, 2017

It’s a big week for Kristina Swallow. It’s a big week for ASCE. With the ASCE 2017 Convention rolling into New Orleans, Swallow is set to be installed as the 2018 ASCE president, joining Norma…Read More >>

October 4, 2017

With hurricanes battering the Caribbean and the southeastern United States, and an earthquake rocking Mexico in recent weeks, Louise K. Comfort’s expertise in disaster management is all too relevant these days. A professor at the…Read More >>

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Save America's Infrastructure
October 23, 2017

This month marks the 24th anniversary of the federal gas tax’s outdated 18.4-cent rate enacted on October 1st, 1993.  First established in 1932, the gas tax goes toward the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) – the federal fund that pays for bridges, roads, and transit. The federal gas tax rate has been raised numerous times since...


October 12, 2017

Take a moment to think about your daily routine. Upon waking up, you head to the bathroom, and brush your teeth as you turn on the shower.  You put on a pot of coffee, and boil water to make breakfast. Later in the day you go to the gym, and after running you head to...


September 28, 2017

The Jetsons’ world of driverless cars may someday be a reality and the technology industry is laser-focused on getting us there sooner rather than later. As private industry innovates, decision-makers in Washington are grappling with how best to regulate the autonomous vehicle (AV) landscape while retaining an emphasis on both safety and innovation. To spur...


September 27, 2017

Within the past month, major hurricanes hit Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico, two earthquakes only days apart, led to the loss of over 100 lives and the destruction of massive amounts of infrastructure in Mexico, and hundreds of thousands of acres of land have burned in the Pacific Northwest from wildfires. These events coincided with...


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