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January 30, 2015

Professional licensure remains a significant focus of the Society, and the ASCE Board of Direction has recently undertaken a number of actions that it believes will further strengthen the licensure process. For example, at its…Read More >>

January 30, 2015

The following Society members, researchers, and journalists have been honored as recipients of ASCE awards for their dedicated service to the civil engineering profession: Michael J. Adelman; Monroe L. Weber-Shirk, Ph.D., Aff.M.ASCE; Jeffrey C. Will;…Read More >>

January 15, 2015

The critical infrastructure systems that are the mainstay of our nation’s economy, security, and health are interdependent – for example, the water supply system of a community is dependent on the pumping stations and they, in…Read More >>

January 13, 2015

For their historical significance, special uniqueness in design and construction, and technical characteristics, ASCE’s Board of Direction has designated the Bonnet Carré Spillway in St. Charles Parrish, Louisiana, as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark, and…Read More >>

December 18, 2014

Nearly 10 years ago, the Port of Long Beach (California) instituted its Green Port Policy, which directs the port to integrate sustainable practices into port development and operations by actively promoting an organizational culture of…Read More >>

November 20, 2014

There is a growing sense in the engineering community that the conditions to which engineers design are changing. “Many significant changes are taking place in the built environment, the environment in which civil engineers work….Read More >>

November 17, 2014

If you are a regular visitor to ASCE’s website, you may notice something different – it’s changed! You told us what you want and we listened. We’ve given the site a modern responsive design, making…Read More >>

November 3, 2014

Our Global Engineering Conference 2014 in Panama City, Panama, last month was a rousing success and a wonderful world showcase of an engineering marvel.  Attendees had the opportunity to meet their engineering colleagues from around the…Read More >>

October 27, 2014

At ASCE’s Global Engineering Conference 2014 in Panama City, Panama, Lt. Gen. Thomas P. Bostick, P.E., M.ASCE, the 53rd chief of Engineers and Commanding General of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, was the special guest…Read More >>

October 20, 2014

“Every professional goes through a maturation process that shapes their approach to the challenges they face daily,” Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Merdith W. B. Temple, P.E., PMP, F.ASCE, told the attendees of the ASCE/EWB-USA Leadership and…Read More >>