ASCE: Working for You
January 1, 2015

 New Faces of Civil Engineering Are Inspiring! Last month, ASCE introduced our 2015 New Faces of Civil Engineering.  These 10 individuals – aged 30 years or younger – exhibit leadership, excellence, confidence, curiosity, integrity, sound judgment,…Read More >>

December 5, 2014

Since I became executive director 12 years ago, we have accomplished so much together. I want to thank all of our 147,000 members for your dedication to the profession and focus on protecting the health,…Read More >>

November 3, 2014

Our Global Engineering Conference 2014 in Panama City, Panama, last month was a rousing success and a wonderful world showcase of an engineering marvel.  Attendees had the opportunity to meet their engineering colleagues from around the…Read More >>

October 14, 2014

Many  ASCE members – myself included – share a passion for promoting our profession to the next generation. Each year, the Structural Engineering Institute partners with the National Council of Structural Engineers to produce a…Read More >>

August 1, 2014

The ASCE Foundation is celebrating its 20th Birthday on August 2; please join me in thanking the Foundation for supporting so many valuable Society programs. The Foundation’s birthday wish is for you to “pay it forward”…Read More >>

July 1, 2014

The Federal Highway Trust Fund is headed toward insolvency in a matter of months, and in an effort to avert this crisis, ASCE recently launched On June 11, I wrote a post for the U.S….Read More >>

May 28, 2014

John Findlay Wallace and John Frank Stevens had 2 things in common: both men served as chief engineer of the original Panama Canal construction project, and both served a term as president of ASCE – Wallace…Read More >>

May 12, 2014

Are you a rising leader? Do you have the tools to effectively lead your organization? At the Emerging Leaders Alliance Conference you will develop leadership skills in social styles, personal vision, team building, leading innovation, and…Read More >>

March 28, 2014

With the increasing complexity of the world today, the rapid pace of change, and the globalization of the civil engineering profession, leadership and management competence are more important than ever for civil engineers. Recognizing this, ASCE…Read More >>

February 28, 2014

Interested in a “great opportunity to combine training with fun?” That’s how attendees described last year’s ASCE Week. The weeklong continuing education program was so popular that we decided to hold again this year. ASCE…Read More >>